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Practico: Branding and Website

Last summer our long-standing client Ellis Grant decided to undertake some structural changes that eventually lead to forming a new company. We were involved in shaping the strategy, in the naming process, and developed the identity and website. We also helped shape a launch campaign centering on the change in costs management that Practico is spear-heading. For the website, we created a short animation that looks at this serious subject in a more lighthearted manner, reflecting the approachable and friendly way the company conducts business.

Our client recently tweeted 'We have to stop using yesterday's tools to meet today's demands'. This was the underlying principle of the identity and website design. We wanted to steer away from the obvious and develop something dynamic and different. We like to think this is expressed in all parts of the project, from name through logotype to website functionality.

The website is built around a core section called the 'Journal' which will expand and present both linear and non-linear ways of navigating content. Our idea is that the company's approach, expertise and experienced is best conveyed through the ongoing and up-to-date publication of case studies, industry insights, company news and other comments.

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