Feesability application

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Feesability application interface

We originally designed the interface for Feesability's web-application in 2010. After 18 months of further testing, enhancements, and spec changes, the interface required a visual rethink. Since our last involvement in the development, some important changes to the navigational structure had been introduced. While potentially improving the navigational flow, these changes needed to be better resolved. Our task was to introduce a stronger visual hierarchy, typographical consistency and realign the interface with Feesability's brand image.

After some initial studies of the changes to the functionality and user patterns, we proposed additional navigational changes to remove clutter, make the application easier to overview, and ensure that focus is always on the task at hand. We rethought the grouping of tasks and the arrangement of actions, removed unnecessary labels and fields, and improved the logic of the internal nomenclature.

In order to facilitate navigation, but also to make the application feel unquestionably 'Feesability', we extended the use of the corporate colour palette. Until now colour was primarily used as a means of highlighting. However, by establishing colour as a way-showing visual element we arrived at a recognisable and understandable design pattern that guides the user while also making the interface more pleasant to spend longer time interacting with.

Read more about our approach to the project on our blog.

Screen designs
Costs input
Reports and Case Overview screens
Team list and team member editing screen
Case list and Account Activity