Picture Consequences

Our contribution to the Ensaimadart charity project has now been sent off.

Ensaimadart is a project launched in support of amadip.esment, a Mallorca-based organization:

“Amadip.esment foundation is a Majorca-based organisation that has been creating opportunities for mentally handicapped people for over fifty years. By providing training, assessment and career advice, long-term jobs, accommodation, leisure and sports activities, as well as psychological and social counselling, amadip.esment foundation works to make the principle of equal legal and human rights a reality. The organisation helps to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, offering them the same opportunities for personal and social development as other citizens.”

Our design was a direct response to the brief as we received it from Ensaimadart:

“Can a sticker have a positive effect on society? To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, amadip.esment foundation is launching internationally the EnsaimadArt project. This charitable initiative is asking for the design of the round label (270mm in diameter) attached to the iconic octagonal boxes containing Majorca’s most famous pastry – the ensaimada (Ensaïmada). Hence, EnsaimadArt. The ensaimada is a traditional spiral-shaped pastry that is intrinsically part of the island’s nature. (The US has the hamburger, Majorca has the Ensaimada!) Thousands of tourists and visitors leave the island at the end of their holidays with one, two or more of these unmistakeable boxes.”

We wanted to create a label that could be joyful from creation through production. A celebration of the achievements of Amadip.esment through playfulness, while at the same time hopefully inviting reflection on their work and our prejudices.

So we invited some people to participate in the game Picture Consequences and used these drawings for our label design. In a way these drawings are reflections of who we are – all different, all complex, all the same.

Read more about the project and see other contributors' labels on Ensaimadart's website, www.ensaimadart.com, and on their Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/Ensaimadart.

It's been a pleasure to participate and we are looking forward to see all the other participants' designs!

Quotes from www.ensaimadart.com

Posted by Fredrik Jönsson
Thursday, 13 September, 2012