Our focus is on the creation of brand identities and visual communication that help our clients to realize their ambitions. Through design solutions that are beautiful, functional and inspirational, we give businesses and organizations more value.

Working closely with a broad range of international clients, we take pride in producing work at a consistently high level – both in print and interactive media.

We recently relocated to Hamburg after several years in Barcelona.

Fredrik and Nina

We take on work as a studio as well as collaborators providing support on external projects, offering services in the following areas:

Communication strategy
We help you develop your communication concept and brand message, as well as define where and how this should be articulated, through workshops, studies and analysis.

Visual identity
We develop the visual elements that make up your brand image and their interaction within an integrated system: logotype, typefaces, colours, icons, style manual, templates, stationery, imagery, etc.

Art direction and graphic design
We create inspiring concepts and beautiful designs for your communications, such as brochures, leaflets, books, posters, roll-ups, banners, etc.

UX/Interface design
We deliver functional and engaging interaction and interface design solutions for websites and web applications. We also implement easy-to-manage websites built on secure CMS platforms such as Drupal.

If you would like to know more about how we work or consider Ummocrono for a project, please contact us on tel. +49 (0)151 62805836 or by email: studio@ummocrono.com.

Nina Wollner

Dipl. Kommunikationsdesignerin +49 (0)163 247 81 31

Nina received her degree in Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt (Germany) in 2002. She moved to Barcelona in 2006 and worked in two established design agencies before joining Ummocrono in 2007. Nina applies her analytical and creative design skills to developing visual identities with true character and turning concepts into attractive printed matter. Her attention to typographic detail is rooted in a purposeful commitment to clarity and legibility.

Ummocrono GbR

Schützenstr. 109
22761 Hamburg, Germany

PO box
Postfach 570508
22774 Hamburg, Germany

Fredrik Jönsson

MFA / Designer +49 (0)151 62805836

Prior to setting up Ummocrono, Fredrik studied and worked in Gothenburg, Paris and London. His eclectic background has informed the international outlook and diverse output of the studio practice. He is equally at home designing for print as digital media, and has developed brand identities for numerous clients as well as managed the design and implementation of large-scale website projects and applications.


When a project requires more hands, or special skills, we put together a team tailored for the specific needs. We regularly work with external collaborators such as programmers, photographers, copy writers and ad agencies.


Accesspoint Technologies Ltd, London
Andekan, London/San Francisco/Barcelona
Identity, interactive design
Built, London
Website, Newsletter
Ellis Grant, London
Identity, Corporate design, Website
Feesability, London
Identity, Corporate design, Website
Jonas Runberger, Stockholm
Katharina Hovman, Hamburg
MACBA Study Center, Barcelona
Nina/STHLM, Stockholm
Practico Costs Lawyers, London
Branding, identity, website, video, illustration
Radiotalk, Stockholm
Ramp, Stockholm
RaumNatur, Berlin
Skara Filatelistförening, Skara
Telemedicine Clinic, Barcelona/Sydney
Corporate design
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Print, Interactive
Vortex S.L, Barcelona
Identity, Website, Application design
XING AG, Hamburg